Game of Thrones -- Season Seven

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Game of Thrones -- Season Seven

Postby Dirt » Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:25 pm

"Game of Thrones"

Upon Winterfell, a Tree of Ages

The Long Winter has come. The Night Walkers march south as if bringing the dark ice with them. Shall the Wall fall? Shall castle gates be trampled and burned into cold ashes? Alliances are made. Enemies are unmade but treachery and deception lingers. Shall right and truth and honour prevail? Shall unfailing wisdom and the compassionate discover the ways long travailed in blood and loss? Four Starks remain and a Gray Wolf and Three Dragons and two queens who fight for Seven Kingdoms. Or is there a third, yet untold, to unfold her wings with the soul of a dove and the heart of a crow? The ravens fly with ominous words haunting misdeeds miscalculated. Will remembered good deeds run upon strong steeds more swiftly than the dark thundering, penetrating bolts of the Night Walkers through the woods and the vales as the Long Winter casts its cloak deep upon the land?

Good and true knights stand at the ready with shield and sword shining in their hands that must never tremble, must never miss. Bows and arrows sing through the falling snow and the dragons bring fire and all armies from every shire learn and train amid the burning ashes that rain upon the rocks. Huge ships clandestine, ghostly haunt the seas, take captive good warrior-maidens as the Unsullied move inward and the uncrowned look within themselves for the strength gained, the guidance sent, and answers locked deep within a mountain as the Night Walkers march south unrelentlessly?

Will The Wall stand firm? Will the Nightwatch brave the dark wind approaching? Will a young crippled seer see? Will a young girl hear a beautiful dream within the loud roar of a nightmare? Will one knight find that fear is his friend? Will a dwarf discover that in the end he was tall and true and good? Will an old Hound with face scarred from battles within and wars without, find his own peace at last in a simple wooded cabin with a hearth made warm by Grace found given? Will the Seven Kingdoms prevail as the Night Walkers rend death through the woods and the vales? Amidst all the blood, all the plunder, all the evil will the Tree of the Ages still stand to bloom a New Spring and who shall wear the Crown or leave it buried neath the greening ground?

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Postby Dirt » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:35 pm

Game of Thrones

"Into the White," verse two

Seven knights emerge from within the guard-post of The Wall and disappear into the white mass of oblivion. All seems dead to the world, even the rocks which set in solemn defiance to the harsh, whirling, roaring wind enveloping the seven knights into invisibility and the silence of their resolve. Their mission seems improbable. Their quest, perhaps, ill-advised as the White Walkers march toward them unseen, unheard, unstoppable. The seven knights have nothing in common but their determination and resolve to defeat the skeletal, timeless Dead marching towards The Wall and into Long Night cloaking the North with endless cold where nothing may grow, where warmth and shelter are as valuable and small as candlelights and coats of wolven wool.

In Winterfell all is not well. Food is running shorter as the people noble yet fearful hurry to save and worry they may not survive the Long Winter and the marching White Walkers seemingly irrevocably on their way. Deception is reaching its climax. Will two sisters see the truth? Will two sisters learn to entrust within each other that deceit and cunning betrayal is rising like a monstrous apparition bent to consume them both?

Upon the plains outside Knight's Landing, the Dragon Queen answers vengeance with an avenging dragon who burns the stolen goods of food and supplies and burns two lords who would not "bend the knee." A failed attempt to kill the dragon sends two of the Lannister queen's knights into a river and lucky to be alive. Returning to the castle, she does not care to believe the dragon's power or the Night Walkers' deadly march are real, ominous. Her purpose is all-encompassing, to make the Seven Kingdoms hers and nothing will stand in her way not the ageless dragons' might, not the White Walkers endless march, not her arch-enemy, the Starks and the honorable desire they seek -- to save the land and its people from certain destruction and death.

And a monk and his little family leave The Citadel tired of the weight of books and weary of waiting for answers sought. And a loyal silversmith leaves his hopeless workplace wanting only to use those weapons he forged so meticulously, so wisely made with hands and spirit and faith. He joins the band of Jon Snow to fulfill his destined journey. And a faithful knight, miraculously cured of a leprous-like disease by the compassionate and trustworthy monk, returns to his Dragon Queen to honor his word, to help honor her quest to free any and all people chained of mind and feet by any who subvert their will, their soul to be simply free. And the Unsullied are trapped at an abandoned place upon a high steppe, their ships destroyed, their future unknown. Will the fearless find fear to be their saving grace? Will they find a way to survive their entrapment? Will one return to one who gave him a love never known, never felt, never given with such depth of soul, depth of beauty?

In Winterfell answers remain hidden in the niches, hidden in the branches of The Ageless Tree still tall, still blossoming leaves and flowers and wisdom. Will the young crippled seer, now the "Three-eyed Raven," see beyond the cries and warnings of their flight over the marching death? Will he discover something within his sight to find what is more right than even eternal foresight: an insight into his sinking soul, to find that source again like the deep roots of The Ageless Tree who breathes, who feels something the hurting youth has lost? And what will become of the Seven Knights who wander into the abyss of the white whirling wind cold and mysterious and threatening their very lives and from them -- these seven "black sheep" of a special kind of honor-bound who fight with the will and the determination of seven black wolves -- the hopeful future of The North and The Wall before Death crashes down?

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Postby Dirt » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:09 pm

Game of Thrones: Season Seven

"Descent of the Whitewalkers"

As season seven of Game of Thrones -- most probably the greatest epic fantasy-adventure television series of all time -- neared its climactic finish, several key issues were resolved and a few questions still remained, hovering like an icy cloud looming ever closer into the Seven Kingdoms.

The corruption and betrayal at Winterfall was cleared with one slit of the throat of a deceptor long overdue for his ultimate death. And two good and noble sisters learned that to trust one another is not only paramount to survival but also to the essence of their being, their history, their lives.

A gentle and loyal monk discovered through his academic research and knowledge that the true king of The North was someone not ever considered and that his ancestry was true and honorable. But would such a needful message be too late as a crippled three-eyed raven began to finally spread its wings wide and high and far.

But the Whitewalkers were many: legion if you will, and as the valiant and honorable knights battled this relentless and might enemy, they lost a giant ally who mightily and speedily saved their seemingly death trapped upon an icy rock, surrounded by thousands of Whitewalkers and their leader whose blue eyes beamed ominously, coldly, deadly. For one of the good Dragon Queen's dragon was felled by a mighty and long lance to penetrate deep into its scales strong and thick: its shield for centuries of war and flight.

In Knights Landing, corruption and chaos, theft and murder, and the arrogant queen continued her one goal: to reign over all the Seven Kingdoms. But her brother and lover wondered if she were right. Even as she told him she was with their child {would it be another Joffrey, evil and brutal to the core?} Jaime, once the Right Hand of the King, this uncertain knight, decided not to follow her orders but rather to ride north to help the northern lands against the certain onslaught of the marching Whitewalkers.

Alliances were made, friends re-united but the battle was only beginning. As ships cut through the waters like arrows through the sky, what would become of a fearful brother's sister? What inner conflicts and demonic nightmares once known to be real and heartless would prevent his rescue of one as brave as a Joan of Arc, a Brianna of Tarth? Her armour did not shine, her blade was not as long nor made of magical steel but her soul was most certainly just as deep, just as essential as any saints to be.

Jon Snow and his valiant warriors found the stone to kill the Whitewalkers but the Dead were marching upon The Wall ... and with them the re-animated dragon, now beaming seething blue eyes and a fire that scorched The Wall, melted the aeons and meters of ice which had for centuries been the steadfast cliff and boundary separating death from life. The Wall came crushing down and many of the Nightwatch fell as well. The Whitwalkers were there. The air was filled with cold and fire and ash and the haunting screams of the Nightwatch doomed to be buried in the rubble of The Wall.

What, now, was to happen? What questions and quests were to be found and finished? What answers and deeds were to begin once again to ponder in dream, to act in common ground upon the Seven Kingdoms: its future as uncertain as the strength of the heart and the will and the determination to seek, to believe, to find that faith which was always there hidden in the misty snow, the leaves of one very tall and very old tree, and a love which now bound a bastard and a slave to something greater than was ever told, where the bold find tenderness, where the old find forgiveness, where all the young may live to have sung of what was truly given of glories found in the might of the small.

End of Verse Three. Game of Thrones Season Eight just around the bend.
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08 February 2018

Re: Game of Thrones -- Season Seven

Postby SenorBigotez » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:03 pm

6 more days! :twisted:
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