To the soldiers in us all

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To the soldiers in us all

Postby Turk » Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:56 pm

Watching "Band of Brothers" once again I am reminded that it doesn't really matter how many soldiers we lose in battle in so many places still wounded by the horrible conflagration known as war. One loss of life is one too many. None are more horrible or inhumane than any other one. After watching those noble and valorous soldiers of Easy Company of the 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division I believe that in order for our world, our earth to survive, endure, and prevail against that which is inhuman, unjust, dishonorable, unrighteous sometimes we must fight to secure and defend what is Right and honorable and decent, sometimes, even, in the face of the ultimate sacrifice with one's life. It calls upon one's deepest reserve of might and strength to hold back the tears that may come anyway like a waterfall cascading finally into a more peaceful place. All those battles fought by this heroic and proud company of soldiers who descended from the skies one stormy and black night of fire and fear over the shores of Normandy as they moved and struggled through the mud and cold and the blood of the enemy and their own eastward towards victory cannot be measured by the numbers lost, the bullets and mortar, the plasma and the sutures, the cigarettes and the lack of rations, all the heartache and all the laughter, all the silence and all the bombardment. Europe still testifies to all that loss: the towns, the churches, the people who also gave their lives so innocently and no less painfully. Sometimes, it is our righteous calling to shackle the evil that so infiltrates our lands wherever they may be so that we as human beings, part of this grand and mysterious place called earth, can grow and live and be free. The dead who died on those cold and bloody battlefields in Europe, all bands of brothers (and sisters), I believe do sing for the soldiers today that war and violence may sometime, somehow end. Sometimes, words are not enough. We must pick up our guns and fire. It is for the future of the world that we sometimes do so. Hoo-ah!
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