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"We, too, mourn the loss of life in Paris"

PostPosted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:37 pm
by Turk
We PaladinWarriors found our name from the real knights who once protected the great King Charlemagne so long ago.
While our clan is only for "gamers" of various online FPS and MMO role-playing games we have always believed in the Paladin code of chivalry and honour and courage. We mourn for the families and friends of all those good and innocent people who were so tragically and terribly murdered in Paris. We hope and pray such terrorism and hatred will one day end and that justice and liberty will prevail. All people's lives need be respected and we must continue remaining steadfast and strong in our loyalty to what we know and believe is right for all humanity and, now, today for those good souls in Paris. We hope and pray the hospitals can save all those still hurting and the communities can rally to heal the pain the families and friends of all those human beings that were taken so violently and terrifyingly yesterday from us.