"Gifts of Thanksgiving"

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"Gifts of Thanksgiving"

Postby Turk » Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:48 pm

Tender leaves turning pumpkin-colors as if hallowed still in the hollow vale.
Maize-colors, too, golden-burning in the deep sunlight, one day, all days of giving.
Upon the humble table, wood-carved, strong, long, linen-covered by a mother's love
the gentle father voices a prayer with gathered guests and family proud.
The gleaming turkey, stuffed with honeyed bread, corn and sweet potatoes, casseroles abound
all this good food steaming from the warm hearth of the kitchen as all friends toast lovingly the good hosts.
What more doth we need but the splendor of such care, the peace which covers the wintergreen-scented air,
the goodness we share this day of thanksgiving received in sojourn's beauty and mirth?
All around the earth, all creatures stout and small, stand in hopeful gladness like the birds that sing
in the slender trees and the backdrop of the clouds whose wings doth receive our humble giving of thankfulness.
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Re: "Gifts of Thanksgiving"

Postby Dirt » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:17 pm

One year later and I wish to add my honoring and thanking all my friends whose endless patience, generosity, and kindness have made my life more fruitful, more peaceful, happier. It is that steadfastness and strength which are enduring spirits to keep me upright, even as lean too often sometimes too heavily, too needfully upon these noble and true friends and a kind of family who will be eternal in my love and hopefulness that they, too, are cared for with as much virtue as they when they need it most without even asking.
May all your tables be full of God's great and grand wonders He gives to us without any conditions or any second-thoughts. He doesn't rank us or rate us. We are all the same in His beautiful, loving Eyes. Peace to all and thank you so very much for each day I breathe like a tender wind in the Autumn, lingering like a stubborn ol mule.
:)) Eat lots of turkey and stuffing and super home-made pies:)!

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