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Postby Dirt » Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:10 pm

Well, yesterday was the culmination for Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States of America. Donald Trump has already cashed in his nomination for the Republican Party. Its convention will be in Cleveland and the Democrats will be in Philadelphia. There were some interesting voting results for the two Democrat contenders although Clinton won actually pretty handily in California, a state I thought Bernie would do better. Although, Clinton won in New Mexico, the final vote count was extremely close. New Jersey, with its strong union organizations, went big for Hillary. Sanders did win in Montana and the caucus of North Dakota. South Dakota was also very close. Here are the final tabulations, the numbers, and the pledged delegates of each state. I urge any reader to look more closely at the New York Times' state maps for these primaries and just hover your mouse over each county to see the actual vote counts there. They make for interesting thoughts and would be truly helpful for any future candidate to study. The web site for the New York Times has all the primaries and the maps for both political parties vying for the US President for 2016.

Montana - Bernie Sanders: 63,168 (51.1%), 11 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 55,194 (44.6%), 10 delegates
South Dakota - Bernie Sanders: 25,958 (49.0%), 10 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 27, 046 (51.0%), 10 delegates
New Mexico - Bernie Sanders: 103,856 (48.5%), 16 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 110,451 (51.5%), 18 delegates
New Jersey - Bernie Sanders: 323,259 (36.8%), 47 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 554,237 (63.2%), 79 delegates
California - Bernie Sanders: 1,502,043 (43.2%), 206 delegates
Hillary Clinton: 1,940,580 (55.8%), 269 delegates
highlights - Los Angeles County: Clinton, 590,502 (57.0%) to Sanders, 434,656 (42.0%)
San Diego County: Clinton, 139,813 (55.1%) to Sanders, 111,898 (44.1%)
Alameda County: Clinton, 107,102 to Sanders 91,324; San Mateo County: Clinton, 47,358 to Sanders, 30,003; Marin County: Clinton, 27,238 to Sanders, 19,848;
Contra Costa County: Clinton, 69,809 to Sanders, 46,909; Santa Clara County: Clinton, 109,963 to Sanders, 70,468; Sonoma County: Clinton, 44,923 to Sanders, 42,715 (these counties are all around the San Francisco and Oakland metro area)
Sacramento County (state capital is Sacramento): Clinton, 68,248 (56.9%) to Sanders, 50,567 (42.1%)
Bernie won in only northern California, a very thinly populated area, and some of the eastern portion of the state
The final primary is June 14, next Tuesday, in Washington D.C. Yet, still, Clinton is a little shy of the 2,383 pledged delegates needed to win the party's nomination. She now has 2,203 pledged delegates to Sanders 1,828 pledged delegates. There are 45 pledged delegates up for grabs in D.C. next Tuesday. On the Republican side, Trump has won 1,447 pledge delegates, surpassing the 1,237 delegates he needed to win the nomination before the convention. Thus, Bernie Sanders may still contest the nomination at its convention because Clinton will not have the delegates needed to win before Philadelphia.
The Democrat Convention is July 25-26 in Philadelphia. The Republican Convention is July 18-21 in Cleveland. Stay tuned :mrgreen:

Re: Presidential Politics in the USA

Postby Dirt » Thu Jul 28, 2016 9:00 pm

Tonight in Philadelphia at the 2016 Democrat National Convention Hillary Rodham Clinton formally accepts the nomination as the Democrat candidate for President of the United States of America. It is a "no-brainer" that she must defeat her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, whose vicious, contentious, divisive, conning of the American people must not gain any kind of foothold into American politics. Also, I hope the Democrats gain control of the US Senate again and gain ground once more in the House of Representatives so gridlock does not once again stall much-needed legislation for a nation to improve and continue being the greatest place to live.


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