Baseball: America's Past-time

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Baseball: America's Past-time

Postby Dirt » Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:49 pm

Being a buckeye I have long been a fan of the Cincinnati Reds, remembering going to old Crosley Field (no longer there) with my dad to watch such greats as Frank Robinson, Roy McMillan, Jim Maloney, and so many other fantastic Redlegs. And it is Summertime and here in the States, that means baseball. Here are some interesting stats about the current Cincinnati Reds who are right now 9-10 and visit the New York Mets tonight:
As a team, the Reds are in 18th place out of 30 teams with a team batting average of only .241 (the #1 team, Pittsburgh Pirates, are batting .294 with 197 base hits vs. the Reds 145. The Reds On-Base-Percentage (OBP) is a dismal .299 placing them in 25th out of the 30 major league baseball teams. Again Pittsburgh has the highest OBP at .381. While the Reds have 71 Runs Batted In (RBI's), it is significant that in three game and in one inning in each of those three games (vs. Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Chicago) the Reds knocked in 19 RBI's, which is roughly almost 27% of their total RBI output out of 171 innings, which is not even 2% of their total innings played (the 3 innings of 19 runs.) Not only do the Reds lack an offense but they have no consistent hitting and no imaginative kind of baseball philosophy and gameplay strategy. Until the Reds learn how to hit and what to do to make and take opportunities to score runs they will never be a champion team. Their lack of pitching is NOT there only problem, as so many people keep saying. For example, their No 1 player, Joey Votto is batting a lethargic .206 with only 9 RBI's and only 2 Home Runs. For example, Billy Hamilton (one of the fastest players in baseball and a leader in stolen bases last year has only 5 walks (base-on-balls) and an OBP of only .256.

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