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Postby Dirt » Mon May 02, 2016 3:54 pm

It is indeed interesting to see and compare world populations by each nation and each country's yearly change in numbers of people.
The number 1 nation with the most people is China with 1,382,323,332 as of 2016. India is a close second with 1,326,801,576 people. The United States of America is a distant third with 324,118,787. Other "notable" nations include Russia at #9, Mexico #10, Japan #11, Germany #16, Great Britain #21 (65,111,143). Syria is #61 with 18,563,595 and a net migration of a negative 806,000 in only one year; while Turkey, on the other hand - listed at #19 with a population of 79,622, 624 has an increase of 400,000 migrants in just one year.
The point I am, humbly, trying to make is that there is indeed a Humanitarian Crisis in the war-savaged nation of Syria but it is NOT the disregard and inhumane methods to resolve this continuing conflagration of humanity in Syria by such nations as Turkey, beleaguered Greece, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Yugoslavia, and so may other nations in Europe, but it IS the inhumanity being perpetrated there in Syria, itself, by its government and all the militants waging its savagery upon its slowly-erasing population of innocent citizens. Still, I believe it is the responsibility of the United Nations to conduct an International Court of Justice to try these combatants on international laws against humanity as was done more than half-a-century ago in Nuremberg. War does not end by shedding more blood. War only ends when justice prevails and the innocent are victorious to live once again without fear, without Death knocking unceremoniously upon their already battered and tattered doors and homes. Thanks for taking the time to read my humble post. I remain always with honor, loyalty, and respect for and with the PaladinWarriors.

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