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Postby Turk » Mon May 30, 2016 12:24 am

On Monday, May 30, the United States of America will remember our sacrifices, honor our lives, and keep the faith burning brightly for what it means to be an American, its cost, its fundamental truths. God-willing, we will be able to commemorate and celebrate with friends and family with time-honored picnics and barbecues and other traditional festive gatherings. We do it because we are thankful and so very glad to be able to live freely and fortuitously. All our American soldiers who fought so very courageously and valiantly and often with little regard for their own lives but the lives of their brothers-in-arms, we remember and honor and are so very proud for their dedication and service. Yet, we must not forget all those families who sacrificed and suffered and endured. While their daughters and sons, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives were fighting upon blood-filled battlefields, they, too, were doing their part to keep liberty tolling loudly, to sustain the clear brightness of all those stars gleaming upon our American Flag. It is for and to their dignity and faith and love, we owe our gratitude and remembrance with joy and hopefulness that we may continue such a vast and deep purposefulness and constance of what it means to be an American. Without their faith and love we would not be able to be celebrating and commemorating this Memorial Day Monday. And to those great and heroic men and women still fighting in the dirt and the muck, amid the bullets and blood in places miserable and cold of compassion we hail Hoo-ah! Please come home safely, all of you valiant and true.
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