Happy Fourth of July, USA! Fireworks!!!

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Happy Fourth of July, USA! Fireworks!!!

Postby Dirt » Sat Jul 02, 2016 6:20 pm

Happy Fourth of July all you sons of liberty, daughters of the American Revolution, minutemen of Washington's Colonial Army and all your descendants down to us humble but true PaladinWarriors. Let us remain free and noble and to live with honor and respect and loyal to the sword and shield and the Stars & Stripes waving mightily in the wind.

Re: Happy Fourth of July, USA! Fireworks!!!

Postby Turk » Mon Jul 04, 2016 2:15 am

American liberties and freedoms we still struggle to prevail. Our men and women still fight with honor in Afghanistan and various bases throughout the fiery Middle East. As our forefathers and foremothers who suffered their own blood and sacrifice that we may walk freely and safely, let us all remain vigilant and steadfast like mighty, noble knights at the fortresses strong and the fields ablaze with courage, wisdom, and fortitude. Our soldiers are our valiant ones. So, too, are those who even only try to receive an education like the three Americans we lost to terrorist violence in Bangla Desh. May we try to do our best each day to plant and protect those seeds of liberty and equality first embedded into those holy grounds of the American Revolutionary battles.
Hoo-ah!! Enjoy the weekend and have great barbecues, picnics, and fireworks lighting up our endless skies. 8-)
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Re: Happy Fourth of July, USA! Fireworks!!!

Postby Dirt » Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:15 pm

Happy Fourth of July, 2017! PaladinWarriors!
for the website, paladinwarriors.us

To commemorate this extra-special holiday for Americans, i humbly submit a story that is profound and poignant and true. It is a story written by Alexander Rose that has been made into a prolific and fantastic television program by AMC, entitled "TURN: Washington's Spies," now in its fourth season. And as Mr. Rose so honestly writes about its uniqueness, in truthful rendering, is that it is a story about ordinary people, in this case American colonists, during the tumultuous and puzzling period of our American Revolution -- for without their strength and will, determination and courage our nation may not have ever been born, let alone unite into one -- and the budding and blossoming of these United States of America: this land of beauty and promise, dignity and honor, and heroic stands that endure proudly. Mr. Rose writes that it was these ordinary farmers and merchants, craftsmen and businessmen -- both men and women -- who were "frail, flawed, and fearful." Yet, they overcame these haunting, confusing, doubting aspects of human nature to fight and believe in what they viewed as their right: their right to be free from tyranny, from injustice, from gross acts of economic, judicial, legislative, and emotional rule.
These ordinary individuals suffered, lost, feared the worst, yet, they endured, prevailed, and were finally victorious. Without such Americans as this ragged and fragile group of spies for General George Washington -- himself a man of virtue, honor, humility, strength -- i wonder sometimes where would we be, what would this place we call America look like, in all its failings and shortcomings, all its virtue and reverence for liberty and life.
To such good and noble and ordinary common Americans i salute and send high into the sky those sparkling fireworks of the kind i lovingly and loyally remember upon an ordinary hillside amidst apple and cherry and pear trees where i and a noble and strong family (and friends forever) watched burst into the dark sky to light it majestically in honor proud.
Please, enjoy this treasured holiday, all PaladinWarriors, all Americans! For without those Abraham Woodhulls and Anna Strongs perhaps we would still be merely a colony of Great Britain thinking of ways to outwit them.

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