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Postby Dirt » Mon Nov 07, 2016 8:21 pm

_____The following piece was sparked by a character in the BBC masterpiece detective-mystery production, Ripper Street: Season Four, seen on BBC America. His name was Isaac Bloom and he was hanged for a murder he did not commit, based only on circumstantial evidence, prejudice, and a late 1800's justice which did not know enough nor had enough inventions nor had gained enough wisdom to understand he was innocent. And, yet, he was as brilliant as Albert Einstein or Ludwig von Beethoven or Charles Dickens. When I was a child growing up in a small Midwestern city, my father used to read my older brother and I from a collection of stories about a gentle, wise, and loving veterinarian named Dr. Doolittle [a more misnomered name was ever given to someone) for he did more good deeds and healed and saved more lives of the sheep and cattle and horses and cats and dogs and, even, little rabbits and hens and a crow or two. We are the clan of the PaladinWarriors, began so many years ago by our "top-of-the-mountain knight, Turk, whose shield is golden steel and his sword as silver-sharp as a lightning bolt. He found me one day, a mere clod of dirt, and made me into something more meaningful, more proud, more hopeful, more helpful. Without his gentle and strong hand which picked up this clod of dirt and placed it calmly, resolutely in his deep pocket, this clod of dirt would probably still be setting alongside that side of the road, if the road is, even, still there: lifeless, meaningless, not even becoming "a rolling stone" of a tender quality, for sure. meant for planting a tree or two beside a fence unbroken, a gate still standing for any knight to open if that one has the Honor, Loyalty, and Respect to give to all.

___What if all the stars and all the planets visible to us was a message written in numbers mathematical and an ancient, comprehensive language by a Hand celestial, heavenly, even, earthly which if we had the wisdom, grace, and faith necessary to translate it? Interlaced in this message was the past, future, present, even, the very beginning of our Creation. Within these locked words held the answers, even, to the questions we have, yet, to ask, to search, to ponder all the solutions, resolutions, this constellation map to all the mysteries of life on earth we have, yet, to solve, to, even look: more peaceful, enduring roads of conduct and course of humane being we could have taken, we could have chosen, we still may follow and do, to see the earth as all the angels and saints see within their eyes of all-encompassing, all-enveloping, all-embracing wisdom and grace and faith given by God. And this clear message is hidden in the links and chains and connections and threads of the stars and planets, starting with the North Star and ending with Polaris, too; only to be obscured by our own vagueries and mistrust in our own enduring goodness.
___it is the earth that revolves around the sun and the stars and planets are fixed into that vast, pure ceiling [which the loving, inspired, gifted artists like daVinci and Michaelangelo tried to visually interpret in their frescoed and mural paintings and works of supreme and magnificent art] and the earth and the air we breathe beneath the clouds are but a tiny sphere with no influence unless we actually, earnestly see and act and follow this starry message of guidance, truth, life.
___The historic sailors had a glimpsing knowledge, a small but certain vision as these Far Easterners and Africaners and Europeans and Norsemen ventured upon the open seas far beyond their homelands in quests not of conquest but of life, knowledge, purpose, value, truth -- the soul of the earth -- questions whose answers could only be discovered beyond their profound fears and dreams and unknowing "Why are we here?"
___The great South American Indians and Hebrew prophets of Israel were able to piece a fragment of this star-written message of "Living in Love" but, now, like a threadbare, too-worn-without-mending beautiful, handwoven, handsewn, handmade quilt, its stitching is untying, its shape and art and geometry disappearing; its real, true, indefatigable, inexoxorable essence being erased from our sight -- let alone comprehend and, then, translate this huge, starry constellated message -- by our own neglect and unwillingness and lack of desire to dream beyond our sight.
___We need climb high upon a steep mountain deeply remote, isolated from our energetic industries and constant movements which cloud our vision from seeing all these stars and planets within the earth's galaxy. When Moses journeyed high upon that desert mountain somewhere between Egypt and Canaan, God mightily, lovingly, mercifully, gladly engraved this star-linked message upon the mountaintop stone, itself -- all of it. Only the tiniest piece of it, " a proverb-like paragraph," was broken from the great, granite edifice for Moses to carry back down to his people, his tribe, his clan. The rest of the message God washed away with a tender, mighty brush of his Hand, for another time for us to see, to know, to follow.
___Fixed sublimely into the stars and planets of earth's great and grand galaxy -- which sparkle and brighten our nights with an unmoving faith and truth unequal -- it still radiates something beyond mere sentiment and gentle dreams: it illuminates our lives to heal and to preserve our dignity, our earth, our lives, its life. This mysterious, mystical message of the starry sky was given to us to keep for we ARE the pastors of earth.

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