In Passing, a humble commemoration

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In Passing, a humble commemoration

Postby Dirt » Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:33 pm

It seems sometimes that when it rains, it just pours:(
Leon Russell and Leonard Choen have passed this earthen place for another higher, more eternal place of Grace. They were both legendary songwriters, composers, singers, musicians we music-lovers will never forget. Leon could pound his piano keys with such intensity and passion and energy, like a railroad train thundering along its steel, vibrating everything nearby, even the trees. Or he could sing the blues with such depth and understanding and love that could make the strongest man cry. Leonard was a unique musician who was enduring, filled with pain, yet, like a wailing dog for his master to return home, yet, would let it all out with his quiet laughter and his music, grab a smoke, and strut about like the happiest man on earth. Both these individuals, these great and good beings, were so very different, yet, they played their songs with such heart and soul, their reverberations and echoes will never cease to be heard. God speed true troubadors, humble bards for all times.

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