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Postby Turk » Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:37 am

"Within the humble, haloed lights the Hallowed Birth of our Saviour Christ"

The wise men had journeyed far, crossing cold deserts and steep mountains. They brought with them gifts of honor, of celebration, of hopefulness. The shepherds, too, had come from the grassy, wind-swept steppes and plains, and their sheep and sheep-dogs came with them. Within the little country-town quietly walked the tanner, the tailor, the sandal-maker, the camel-trader, the merchants of fruit, the farmers of grain, the seamstress, the jeweler, the baker of bread, husbands and wives and their children: these meek ones, humble ones, these forgotten and poor ones who only wished to see something of grand majesty that had been foretold centuries ago, then passed from story-teller to nomadic bard, an unwritten story but spoken with reassuring reverence and a faith for all to know, to believe, to hope for peace, for real honest true Love.
Soldiers and sailors had also marched, to the steady beat and tune of the drum and mandolin --- "rumm-pum-pum-pum, rumm-pum-pum-pum, rumm-pum-pum-pummm ..." some upon legs crippled, some with arms broken, some with weathered faces scarred by all sorts of weapons and the loss of brothers-in-arms: from Palestine and Mesopotamia and Persia and Africa and Asia Minor, from Europe, even from the North Sea to the Carpathian Mountains --- these fighters for freedom, dignity, worth, life itself marched in solemn quietude but for the steadfast drumbeat and the mandolin singing of sweet harmony --- "rumm-pum-pum-pum, rumm-pum-pum-pum, rumm-pum-pum-pummm ..."
They gathered in a circle all around the tiny barn, candles flickering mightily in the night. And high above was the Brightest Light, not a star but something so much more, so far away yet these onlookers, the hopeful souls seemed to be able to feel it, nearly touch it. It pulsated rays of Light of all colors as if it were breathing a life inside a womb of the sky. Then, suddenly, as all the townspeople of this little country-town and those sojourners from so many foreign lands gasped with an uncertain kind of joy, of certain awe, this great Light beamed forth a long, long piercing beam of white Light, so bright all the night sky and earth shone and this little country-town shone with a brilliance and radiance undefinable, immeasurable in intensity and depth and breadth of scope and manner. Then, these good and faithful people haerd the softest, sweetest cry of the infant Christ Jesus born this wondrous night.
___ Merry Christmas everyone! May it be of good health, cheer, and love:)
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