A Day in Memoriam, Lifetimes Lost

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A Day in Memoriam, Lifetimes Lost

Postby Dirt » Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:19 pm

"A Day in Memoriam, Lifetimes Lost"

As Nature sends storms after storms upon our American shores, earlier in Houston, Texas
and, now, in Miami, Florida, it was only sixteen years this September 11 when Evil soared
through our skies, stole so many good and honorable souls and destroyed part of Midtown
Manhattan, New York City, our Pentagon in Washington D.C., and a pastoral farming
community in beautiful Pennsylvania where the falling Autumn leaves wept and covered the
dead as caissons for the mourning and bagpipes sounded grieving lament as a chorus of
mourning doves, whippoorwills, and nightingales thrushed in background softness hushed.
So many brave, courageous, valiant heroes rose to rescue, to raise from the rubble
created by the Evil which crashed into our buildings, our homes, our lives. Acts of Nature
we cannot stop or undo what torment it sometimes bears upon us but acts of Evil we can
and we must: preparation, prevention, foresight, wisdom, the resolution and the fortitude
to seek to know and, then, to overcome such horror and terror which devastated, dismantled,
and desecrated all of us that ignoble, infamous, insolent morning sixteen years ago this
11 September.
We all pray to our heavenly Creator and we all honor all the soldiers, nurses, doctors,
firemen, medics, police, all the volunteers and dispatchers who bled, too, that evil
moment when those who sought to destroy a culture, a community, a canopy of those who respect
laws of humanity, equal protection, the duty of warriors whose sole endeavor is to secure
peace and maintain providence -- these good people and these great ideals must always
endure, prevail, and be victorious over death defiled, decried, made destitute by an Evil
which stole our souls, our right to be, and flew more powerfully than any hurricane could
ever thrust upon our fragile shores: an Evil which is Hatred and Vengeance, something that
Nature does not know even how to translate into its language quite divine and true.

PaladinWarrior Dirt
8 September 2017

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