Key Football games this weekend

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Re: Key Football games this weekend

Postby Dirt » Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:43 pm

Friday night, 10/07, #3 Clemson at Boston College, 7:30 PM EDT, ESPN
Saturday games:
Notre Dame at North Carolina State, 12 Noon, ABC
#6 Houston at Navy, 3:00 PM
Indiana at #2 Ohio State, 3:30 PM, ESPN
#25 Virginia Tech at #17 North Carolina, 3:30 PM
#9 Tennessee at #8 Texas A&M, 3:30 PM, CBS
#1 Alabama at #16 Arkansas, 7:00 PM, ESPN
#5 Washington at Oregon, 7:30 PM, FOX
#23 Florida State at #10 University of Miami, 8:00 PM, ABC

and tonight begins the playoffs in major league baseball for the ultimate title, World Champions of the 2016 World Series:
just started on TBS is the Toronto Blue Jays vs. the Texas Rangers
then at 8:00 PM EDT also on TBS is the Boston Red Sox vs. the Cleveland Indians
these are the American League contenders

Re: Key Football games this weekend

Postby Dirt » Tue Oct 25, 2016 8:04 pm

What with the incredible upset by Penn State last Saturday versus the, then, # 2 Ohio State Buckeyes, things have changed dramatically in college football!
Here is a summary of the notable conference standings and what schools may be playing their respective conference championship title games and, ultimately, launch them into the final four teams for the NCAA Championship:

The ACC is a prime example with 3 outstanding teams playing not only in the same conference but the same division within that conference. the Atlantic division of the ACC Clemson, Louisville, and Florida State are all very good teams but only one will emerge as the division leader to play either North Carolina or Virginia Tech (of the Coastal division in the ACC) in the ACC Championship game and probably, then, one of the four finalists for the big trophy. The Big 12, which still does not have a conference championship (one of the unwritten pre-requisites to make it to the final four unless that team is undefeated), has both Baylor and West Virginia at 6-0.
In the PAC 12, Washington is leading its North division and Utah is leading its South division. In the SEC East, Florida right now is on top at 5-1 and Alabama in the SEC WEst is 8-0 and #1 in the nation. ... In the Big Ten East division, Michigan, at 7-0, is now on top (Ohio State is now in 2nd place) and in the West division, Nebraska is on top, at 7-0.
In the National AP Top 25, Alabama is #1, Michigan is #2, Clemson is #3, and Washington is #4; followed by Louisville, Ohio State, Nebraska, Baylor, Texas A&M, and West Virginia. In key games this weekend, #3 Clemson plays at #12 Florida State (ABC, 8:00 PM EDT), #7 Nebraska travels to #11 Wisconsin (ESPN, 7:00 PM), #4 Washington goes to #17 Utah, and #8 Baylor takes the bus ( :lol: ) to Texas for a 3:30 PM EDT shootout on ABC.

We cannot forget this is October which means World Series time for Major League Baseball. The two teams battling for this coveted title are the Chicago Cubs, who haven't won a World Series in more than a century, and the Cleveland Indians. The best-of-seven game series starts tonight, televised on FOX at 8:00 PM EDT and should be an exciting, unparalleled series of fantastic baseball. All of the city of Chicago will be higher than the stars for these games and good luck to both teams and their wondrous cities:)!

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Re: Key Football games this weekend

Postby Dirt » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:33 pm

What's Thanksgiving without plenty of football to go along with plenty of great tasting food and warm families giving excitement to the long-deserving drowsy eyelids a little longer staying alit with plenty of joy and "honey wild turkey" to savor and remember:))

Starting tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, there are three pro football games on tap!:
At 12;30 PM EST, on CBS, Minnesota Vikings (6-4) are at Detroit Lions (6-4)
At 4:30 PM on FOX, Washington Redskins (6-3-1) are at Dallas Cowboys (9-1)
At *;30 PM, on NBC, Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5) are at Indianapolis Colts (5-5)
___ by their records, in parentheses, these should all be great games:)

Then, if the Pitt-Indy game gets boring and your eyelids are starting to droop, turn your TV to ESPN, also at 7:30 PM. to watch LSU at Texas A & M for the beginning of college football this Thanksgiving Holiday!
On Friday (Black Friday, here in the USA), #5 Washington is at cross-state rival, #23 Washington State, at 3:30 PM EST, on FOX (Both Washington and Washington St. are now 7-1 in their conference, the PAC-10. Whoever wins this game will play probably Colorado' if they beat Utah.
On Saturday, Kentucky is at #11 Louisville, at 12 Noon, on ESPN
#3 Michigan is at #2 Ohio State, at 12 Noon, on ABC (THE college football game of the day)
If Michigan defeats the buckeyes, the wolverines will play most likely Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship title game.
#13 Auburn is at #1 Alabama, at 3:30 PM, on CBS
Notre Dame is at #12 Southern Cal (USC), at 3:30 PM, on ABC
Michigan State is at #7 Penn State, at 3:30 , on ESPN (look for an upset here)
Minnesota is at #6 Wisconsin, at 3:30 on the Big Ten Network
#22 Utah is at #9 Colorado, at 7:30 PM, on FOX (Colorado has a chance for its first Pac-10 Championship title)
South Carolina is at #4 Clemson, at 7:30 PM, on ESPN (In the ACC championship game, Clemson will play Virginia Tech.
#15 Florida is at #14 Florida State, at 8:00, on ABC (Florida will probably play Alabama in their SEC Championship game)
Currently, the top 4 teams in the nation are:
Ohio State
... other teams being considered for the Final Four are Oklahoma, Washington, Colorado. On December 3, Oklahoma (9-2) will play Oklahoma State (9-2) and either team may be in the final 4, depending on key games above listed and their respective conference championships. Confusing enough already:) ahhh, I need a honey-flavored wild turkey:))

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